Debbi is an engaging,  energetic, and empowering speaker who shares her real life experiences from her journey of being in $200,000 worth of debt to reaching financial freedom.  Debbi encourages the audience in all areas of personal finance, financial freedom and life - from getting out of debt to budgeting, from retirement to rebuilding credit, from living your authentic life to finding peace and happiness.  

"I am always looking for ways to educate and motivate my advisors.  I asked Debbi to come in and speak and she did a fantastic job.  Her knowledge, experience and insights are tremendous.  My reps loved it.  Our goal is to help people become debt free and financially independent and Debbi's presentation was perfect."

Scott Webb, Regional VP, Primerica Financial Services


​"​Ms. Debbi is a very good speaker.  She was very interesting"  Girl Scout troop #21303

I would love to come and speak to your church, group, students, organization, company or event.  Please reach out using the form below, email me directly at, call me, snail mail or carrier pigeon - whatever it takes.  Let's change some lives together!  Talk to you soon!  ~Debbi